Fall Clean Up
Spring Opening

Green Mile Property Maintenance offers a wide variety of landscaping and property maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. Each client's service package is tailored specifically to ensure their property look its best. Please contact us today for a free customized quote. We look forward to hearing from you. 




Edge, turn and de-weed garden beds; Remove debris accumulated over winter; Prune shrubs, landscape trees and flowers; Rake or dethatch lawn.


Lawn Maintenance

Manicure and cut lawn throughout the season on weekly basis; Promotes thicker, healthier lawns when kept at a consistent height of 3 - 3.5 inches; Bagged or mulched (client preference).


Tree Pruning & Removal

Prune shrubs, flowers and landscape trees; Burlap shrubs and infant trees for protection; Promotes better water filtration, and protects lawn over winter.

Garden Maintenance

Manicure gardens throughout the summer on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; Edge, turn and de-weed garden beds; Shrubs are pruned based on timing of bloom throughout the season.

Tree & Flower Planting

Prunes and/or remove trees to improve the general appearance of your property; Trained Green Mile arborists work on site to ensure the safety of trees, staff and your property; Performed at any stage during the season; Stump removal also performed at client request.

Mulch Delivery & Application

Deliver and apply mulch to your gardens; Mulch maintains moisture in the soil and keeps weeds at bay; Gives gardens a manicured and colourful appearance; Promotes healthy plant growth; Performed anytime throughout the season.


Option to remove your existing lawn and apply fresh sod and soil; Prep the ground by adding top soil and levelling the area that sod will be laid; Sod is laid staggered to avoid lines in the lawn once set. Results are immediate and is recommended if there is a large area of weed infestation or lawn damage.

Soil Delivery & Top Dressing

Lay high quality top dressing to your lawn to replenish soil nutrients; Promotes healthy growth when added to your gardens for your plants and shrubs. Contains fertilizers, composts and nutrients; Recommended in conjunction with aeration to get top dressing further into root system; Performed any time throughout the season.

Whether it is for improvement, replacement or more privacy, trees and flowers are delivered right to your home; Performed any time throughout the season.


Over Seeding
Fertilization programs & Aeration

Add premium seeds to your lawn; Promotes new growth on your existing lawn and prevents weed growth; Helps maintain a thick and lush lawn; Type of grass seeds vary to meet your property needs; Recommended to be performed in both spring and fall seasons.



Stimulates root growth resulting in thicker, lush lawns; Improves flow of oxygen and water filtration; Performed usually in Spring, on an annual basis; Recommended to be performed in conjunction with top
dressing and/or fertilization; Organic fertilizers/ weed controls used to help stimulate growth, maintain and prevent weed infestation.


Snow Removal & Salt Application Programs

Snow clearing services for both residential and commercial properties begin on November 15th and end April 15th.  Snow services commence once 5cm (2 inches) have fallen. All routes are generally cleared within 8 hours after completion of snowfall. Salt programs are available as well.